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President’s March Message: 03/01/2021


Dear MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Members,

Hope you survived the freezing snow and ice storms and are recovering from any electric outages and water damages!

FDA approved vaccines are now being distributed nationally and locally in the DFW Metropolitan area. With the increased vaccinations, the positive Covid tests and hospitalizations are starting to decline and we will be able to get back to some degree of normalcy in the coming months. All of our members should have received or have access to the vaccine soon.

We had a February 20th Zoom board meeting on resuming our dances on March 20th or April 17th and the board decided to delay holding dances pending more government data and policies and allowing time for members to get vaccinations.

The board voted to bring aboard Virginia Roberts (Dance Host Director for 2021) to begin serving on the board effective March 1st. With the addition of Virginia we will have 9 board members which will allow a simple majority vote without the President having to break a tie. On our next board meeting March 20th, I will be asking the board members to entertain holding a dance in May to start the process for our “Return to Dancing”. If you have opinions regarding May as a possible date for holding a dance please contact a board member or let me know.

We are still looking for a volunteer for the Newsletter & Publicity Position. Please let the Nominating Committee or any Board Member know if you are interested. We will hold in-person voting at our next dance to confirm the MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Board for 2021.

Please mark your calendars: We will be holding and celebrating our 25th Anniversary Dance on September 25, 2021 - 4th Saturday!                  

Tommy Quon, President
MMDCC / Ballroom Dance Dallas


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