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President’s August Message: 08/01/2020


Dear MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Members,

Hope you are all in good health and well!

Here are the results of our last board meeting via Zoom on July 25th.  The board has decided on maintaining our current posture of not cancelling all dances in 2020 and keeping the membership informed monthly of any possibilities of holding dances with improvement of Covid-19 health conditions.

Under current Covid-19 conditions, we are cancelling our next dances on August 15th and 29th.  We apologize to our patrons, bands, and instructors for any inconvenience.

Membership Survey:  The membership feedback for holding a dance shows that less than half of the members responded.  People would like to dance but do not want to risk catching Covid-19; most would like temperatures taken at the door; and members were split 50/50 about wearing masks or not.  Most would like restaurant guidelines for table seating and would like to maintain social distancing on the dance floor.  Members are split on preference for dancing to music with bands or recorded music.  Even if COVID numbers improve to a point where we can have dances, the expected attendance will probably be low until the confidence of our dancers can be fully restored.   Hopefully, a vaccine will be available in the late fall to end the pandemic.

News regarding yearbook:   We are combining our Yearbook for 2020-2021.  Due to the Coronavirus, Members and Sponsors for 2020 will be given extensions at no charge through the end of 2021.  We will accept new Member and Sponsor applications for 2021 through the end of January and will add those names to the yearbook.

Waiver of Liability:  Since our dances are voluntary, the board will be instituting a Waiver of Liability to be signed by Attendees which will protect and limit any liability to anyone including the Club, Venue/Staff, Officers of the Club, Instructors, DJ, Bands, Security Personnel and Attendees due to Covid-19.

Board positions open for 2021:   If you are interested in joining the board for next year, please contact any board member.  We will need volunteers for our nominating committee which will be formed in August to qualify and officially nominate persons interested in serving on the board.  We currently have two positions open for next year:  Newsletter & Publicity and Program & Entertainment.

Board members leaving the Board: Joe Smith has served our Club in the Newsletter and Publicity position for the past 3 years and will be taking a much-deserved leave at the end of this year.   Anyone with Facebook, Twitter, and online computer interests should contact Joe.  He will be glad to help train you.

Randall Scott has worked as Program & Entertainment Director for the past 2 years and will be leaving the board at the end of this year.  Anyone interested in booking bands and programming entertainment should contact Randall to describe and explain the job and help with training.

In September names will be given to the nominating committee to qualify, and nominations will then be given to the board.  In November 2020 the membership will vote to elect new Board Members and for the changes to the By-Laws.

I will follow up with more news as we would all love to be dancing soon!      

God Bless!

Tommy Quon, President
MMDCC / Ballroom Dance Dallas


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