Ballroom Dance Dallas


President’s April Message: 04/01/2021


Dear MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Members,

Hope you are all well! The board has voted to bring aboard Virginia Roberts (Dance Host Director for 2021) to begin serving on the board effective March 1st.

In our March board meeting, the board members voted to hold a dance on the 3rd Saturday on May 15th to begin our “Return to Dancing” for 2021. The board will work out details with guidance for safety protocol (in accordance to Texas State and Dallas County Health guidelines) for our upcoming dances, and by May we will have the schedule with party themes and bands/DJ.

We understand that some of you feel comfortable to attend dances again and some may not quite be ready yet. We are supportive to all, and we understand that attending our dances is voluntary. We appreciate all of you for supporting MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas.

We are still looking for a volunteer for the Newsletter & Publicity Position. Please let the Nominating Committee or any Board Member know if you are interested.

We will hold in-person voting at our next dance to confirm the MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Board for 2021.

Please mark your calendars: We will be holding and celebrating our 25th Anniversary Dance on September 25, 2021 - 4th Saturday!

Best regards,
Tommy Quon, President
MMDCC / Ballroom Dance Dallas


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