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President’s December Message: 12/01/2020


Dear MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Members,

Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holidays! Since the beginning of March we have all been in social isolation due to the virus. However, now there is much hope in combating Covid-19 as there are several drug companies that will have FDA approved vaccines to be distributed in the coming weeks and months.

Hopefully, the positive tests and hospitalizations will start to decline and with the help of the vaccines we will be able to get back to normal soon.

Our board will be keeping an eye on developing information and government policies on how soon we can hold our next dance in 2021, and we will then schedule events for the rest of the year. I will let you know when we can determine the date for our “Return to Dancing."

Open Board Positions for 2021:
Linda Henrie, Nominating Committee Board Advisor, and our Nominating Committee members Alice Jenkins, Carol Scott, and Jane Polan will officially be nominating two candidates to join the 2021 Board.

Candidate for Dance Host Coordinator - Virginia Roberts

We are still looking for a volunteer for the Newsletter & Publicity Position. Please let the Nominating Committee know if you are interested.

We will hold in-person voting at our next dance to confirm the MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Board for 2021.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Tommy Quon, President
MMDCC / Ballroom Dance Dallas


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